Monday, 8 July 2019

Even though there's bad stuff happening at Deutsche Bank ...

I won't be writing about finance today, dear reader(s). Sorry. I'm not in the mood. / I've got a couple of interesting PR emails. I'll do one tomorrow. I'm not writing a conceptual today neither, no! I'm just not in the mood.

Listen, kook(s)! I was thinking of going to Cornwall. Uh, like today, or tomorrow. But ... maybe at the end of the week now? I don't know. I'm not going to St Ives, though, because it's all booked up at the moment. I'll go to another part of Cornwall, yes. / Maybe it's not healthy going to St Ives all the time ... ? Don't be ridiculous! Of course it's healthy! But I'll go somewhere else, anyway. If I do go, of course. I've got to look at the weather, and I've got to find a room.

So ... what's happening then? Not a lot, really, in my life. Music? Yeah, yeah. I'm still playing my guitar. I'm not sure I can record my songs in this heat. [It's cooler today, actually.] Which is another excuse, I know, oh, I know, BUT(!) ... I've got to be in the mood for it, you dig? And to be brutally honest with YOU(!) and MYSELF(!), I'm only in the mood for ... eating pasties, mint ice creams, vegetarian cooked breakfasts, and drinking Stella ... or Kronenbourg. [Not all at the same time, obviously.] I will have to go to Cornwall, yes.

Jesus H. Christ - !!! I can't even go to my local park now because it's been turned into a fucking building site by vulgarians who are only interested in squeezing every last penny they can out of it. / The bastards have got a new sports centre on the way. They've got music festivals. They've got offices to rent to ... [wait for it] ... businesses! Yeah, businesses in a park! It used to be a place where you could escape the madness of the city, man.

The good news is, the pub by the river is still a nice place to go to. In the film A Hard Day's Night you can see Ringo walking along the footpath near Kew Bridge, near the pub. / Actually, there are three pubs. It doesn't matter.


Okay, okay. Music? My music? Everybody's music?! Listen! It occurred to me at the weekend - when I was daydreaming, like - that Paul McCartney and Noel Gallagher have written three world-beater songs each, with John Lennon on two. Other great songwriters have only written ... one, sadly. But I've written ... five. Yes, FIVE!!! / Now, uh ... you're probably thinking I'm happy about that fact, aren't you? Eh? Ha! [If it's true, of course. Which it fucking well is!] Well, no, no, no. NO! I'm not happy BECAUSE(!) ... I need ten of them, son! [Daughter!] Do you understand me? At my age and in today's incredibly tough music business, I need ten. TEN!!!

Ah, laters.