Thursday, 4 July 2019

Elon Musk should start a business ... just for the money!

Listen! The problem, as I see it, dear reader(s), is ... Elon doesn't have enough money. You dig? He's only worth $20 billion. Man, that's nothing! If he was worth $100 billion, he wouldn't have to struggle so much, and then it would be a piece of piss going to Mars in a rocket, or spreading electric cars all around the world. And remember: he wants to do both.

Well, uh ... I suggest that he starts a new social media company, like Facebook or Twitter. / Now, I'm not saying the world needs another one of those, Christ! ... but Elon knows the internet, and it would be an easy way for him to make a lot more money. With that money, he could open new Tesla factories, and build all kinds of amazing rockets, and, well ... maybe even give me a bit of dough - I love the dough, more than you know - for suggesting this brilliant idea. I mean, fair's fair.

Okay, okay. Let's be honest: the last thing any of us wants to see is Jeff Bezos disappearing into space in one of those Blue Origin contraptions of his. On second thoughts ... ha! No, no, seriously. Elon needs to be the first to get to Mars. He deserves it. And it was his original idea, man! Come on! Jeff wouldn't even be thinking about it if it wasn't for our Elon.


Anything else, kook(s)? Audiobooks? The 10X Rule ... ? Jesus H. - !!! I've been watching too much TV lately. You can't reprogram your mind if you're watching all the trash that's on these days. Even repeats of the old classics like Auf Wiedersehen, Pet can have a bad effect on you. [They make you melancholic, in my experience.] So, I will be quitting TV again soon, yes, and then listening to The 10X Rule on a loop, forever! Not today though, no, BECAUSE(!) ... I've got a bad back, actually. Ha! I know that doesn't make any sense, but ... never mind. I don't need to make sense. I don't need that shit in my life!

Music? Guitar?! Oh! With my back? Are you serious? I'll see how I feel later tonight. I've got another post to write yet. Probably a PR email, for my sins. I don't care.

By the way, I'm not writing about personal stuff no more. Just today, because of my back.

And I'm not writing about music. This is a finance blog. Some of you don't seem to understand that. FFS!