Monday, 12 August 2019

A new ABL director

That's it! I'm a bad mofo!!!

And forget about what I said last week, dear reader(s). I will write about music, and myself, and motivation ... as well as finance. Why not? Who cares?! 'No one cares, boss. You can write about any shit you like.' Yes, Voice. YES - !!!

So, I'm writing about this now ... uh, PR email, for my sins ...

Independent Growth Finance (IGF), a leading independent commercial finance provider, appoints Dave Pickup as ABL Director for the Thames Valley. Investment in the region follows another successful year for IGF, which included a 39 percent growth in funded assets and a 29 percent growth in revenues.

Okay, okay. Listen! Uh, Christ ... / Let's not have any jokes about football firms, hooligans, etc. The IGF are legitimate business people, you dig?

Having worked in the finance industry since 2001, Pickup specializes in improving SME's cash flow through alternative funding. Providing facilities for every stage of a business' journey including start-up finance, MBOs and acquisitions, as well as general working capital. His industry experience will support IGF's growth ambitions and presence in the Thames Valley region.

So, yeah ... our Dave has joined The IGF. So what?! That doesn't mean he's up for a ruck at the weekend. 'Ha!' I know what you're thinking, dear reader(s), but our Dave just isn't like that.

As IGF continues to back ambitious UK SMEs, Pickup brings a wealth of invoice finance expertise to the company. He joins from RBS, where he held the position of Business Development Manager for almost five years. Prior to this he headed up the Thames Valley SME Invoice Finance team at Metro Bank. Before invoice finance his career saw him work in the trade finance and credit insurance industries.

So, he was in The RBS. That's the bank, obviously.

Okay, okay. Let's hear him speak!

Dave Pickup, ABL Director, IGF, says: "This is an incredibly exciting time to be joining the team at IGF. The various roles I've held over the last 20 years have given me a wealth of experience in areas that affect SMEs in the UK. I'm looking forward to increasing the diversity of finance options available to Thames Valley businesses, ultimately helping to unlock their growth potential."

Thank you, Dave. / You see? It's all perfectly civilized. There won't be any trouble. No one's going to get their head kicked in.

Okay, okay. And top boy John Onslow? What does he say, uh ... comment?

John Onslow, CEO of The IGF, comments: "Despite political and economic uncertainty our business is thriving. As such, we continue to be very optimistic about 2019 and beyond. In appointing Dave to the Thames Valley area we're confident we have the right people in the right places to support even more businesses. Our business and our clients will benefit from his extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the SME sector."

Thank you, John. / You see? They've got the right people in the right places. Probably lookouts as well. 'Bloody hell!' So, don't mess with these guys, kook(s)! You don't want to go home in a fucking ambulance, do you?


Right. Uh. Anything else? Motivation? Listen! I'm not listening to those audiobooks no more, man. [Just occasional YouTube videos like the one above.] I know everything I need to know. I've just got to be active now. From early morning to late night. That's it!

And TV? Maybe I'll have it on in the background because I don't like silence. But I won't seriously watch it. You dig?