Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Your mindset is everything in life

If you have a weak mindset, you need to change it. If you have a victim mindset, you need to change it.

Oh, if you want to achieve great things, of course. Maybe you don't. Maybe you want to stay the way you are. Fine. / Is that fine? I don't think it's fine.

Well, not for me. The last few years, I've been trying to change, man. Until yesterday, I would have said that I was 80 percent changed. But after discovering David Goggins and the importance of suffering, I reckon it's 100 percent now. A total shift.

I need to get his book, Can't Hurt Me. I would really like the audiobook, but it's not on Google Play. Damn! It better be on there soon.

The funny(?) thing is, there was a lot of talk of suffering in the Vance/Musk book, but I didn't really focus on that aspect for some reason. I suppose Goggins really puts it in your face.

A weak mindset. What is that? A feeling that you can't do anything, and can't push yourself. It's an acceptance of powerlessness. Where does it come from? I'm thinking that maybe it comes from the victim mindset.

Now, as we all know, there are genuine victims in this life because life ain't pretty, man, BUT(!) ... thinking of yourself as a victim - even if it's justified - is fucking deadly! You can't achieve anything great with that mindset, and you will only ever be popular with other victims ... so you can all comfort each other, I suppose. I don't know. It's not good though, is it?*

Okay, okay. Listen! If you've suffered, dear reader(s), join the club! However, don't cry about the terrible things in your past. And don't cry about the terrible things in your present. And don't look forward to the terrible things in your future. [I mean, there's a sort of sick pleasure there.] Become a bad mofo instead!

I've had this fantasy for a long time ... that I can achieve something great and then take it easy. You know, become a rock star and then enjoy my massive house in Malibu. Or become a songwriter, with a lucrative publishing deal, and then disappear to St Ives for eight weeks, where I will, uh ... walk around the beaches and cliffs, and eat pasties, and go to the pub in the evening ... ? No, I don't think so. That will be trading strength for weakness.

I've mentioned this before ... Picasso worked until six in the morning on the day of his death at the age of ninety-one. Why the hell did he do that?! Didn't he deserve a rest after a long life of creating art? How could one more painting or drawing add anything to his reputation at that late stage? Well, he didn't give a fuck. He was an artist. That's it. He may have been in pain for all we know. He didn't care. He kept being himself - THE GREAT, LEGENDARY PICASSO AND BADDEST ART MOFO - right until the last moment.

You dig?

*Obviously, I realize that various right-wing nutjobs like to use these arguments to stop downtrodden people in society complaining about their situations. However, the world and human nature won't be changing any time soon - not in this regard, anyway - so ... refuse to be a victim, man! Just fucking refuse!