Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Everyone seems to be on holiday

No PR emails. [Well, no decent ones. There was a private healthcare one. Oh, I can't do those! Have a word with yourselves, PR people! The NHS is in danger, and you're sending me that stuff? Really?] But I'm still working, dear reader(s). I'm a glutton for punishment, as you know. 'Have you checked the financial news, boss?' Is that my job? Is it, Voice, is it?! 'You used to check.' Yeah, yeah. When the world was young. Ah, the apples trees. Blossoms in the breeze. 'What?' Sinatra. 'Oh, of course.' Listen! I'm too old for that nonsense. Checking the news, ha! 'You've changed.' Shut up!

Oh, uh ... like I said in the conceptual yesterday, No. 729, I'm giving the motivational audiobooks a rest, yes. I don't think I need them no more, kook(s). I mean, even our Elon read motivational books when he was younger, but I doubt he does now. 'Why would he?' Exactly!

There comes a time when you're as motivated as a mofo, and you know everything you need to know. Then you must act!

I want to have my new demo online by the end of September. 'Ha, ha, ha!' Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. But it will be dangerous to delay any longer. 'Dangerous? Why, boss?' Various reasons, man. My personal situation. And Brexit. The stars. 'The stars?! Have you been talking to your astrologer again?' No. He's retired.

You know, dear reader(s), I've been thinking ... in some ways, I would have a better life as a songwriter than as a rock star. If I get a recording deal, I'll be expected to work hard on recording an album, and once I become a big star ... that will be my privacy gone. 'Yeah.' But as a songwriter, I could sign a deal with a publisher, hand the songs over to them, get a massive advance payment, and then ... disappear to St Ives for eight weeks! The way I went to Looe/Polperro in my youth. 'You could have the life of Riley, Mikey.' Yes, I could.

Just imagine it! I could a rent a flat. I'd wander around the beaches and cliffs all day. I'd pop into the pub in the evening. I wouldn't have a care in the world. It would be a beautiful life. 'While the country is being destroyed by Brexit, no doubt. You've got a great attitude, boss.' Shut up, idiot! I can't do anything about Brexit, can I? 'No.' I've just got to look after NUMBER ONE. 'Ha! Gangster No. 1.' Ha! Yeah, yeah. That's a great film.