Thursday, 15 August 2019

End of summer tunes

Update, Sunday 18th: I'm taking a week off, dear reader(s), so I'll see you, uh ... next week. I'm not going anywhere nice or anything. / By the way, I'm reading that Goggins book. It's brilliant. There's an hilarious bit where he gets attacked by a raccoon. [Like Uncle Monty's cat in Withnail and I ... "Yet again that oaf has destroyed my day."] I haven't laughed so much in years. The rest of the book is serious though. Real hard-core shit. / Well, laters!

Right. Obviously, it's the end of the week, too. So ...

Summer's Almost Gone. The Doors.

Autumn Almanac. The Kinks.

Oh, I know you can't hear them, kook(s). You'll have to find them for yourself on YouTube or something.

And from Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue ...


You and I.

Just to remind you ...

Daryl Easlea: "Pacific Ocean Blue is the amusement arcade with the paint peeling, the carnie clown's cracked make-up fading as they pack away their act after another late September weekend of half-full applause and bitter tears. The other side of summer."

Well, well ... / Ah, that's enough end of summer tunes. I don't want to get all depressed like our Euan, do I? 'No!' No, no, no.


Anything else? Well, I've just ordered Can't Hurt Me. Yes. I'm deadly serious about going FULL GOGGINS. It's the only thing that will save me.

Christ. Those sit-ups ... hurt, though. I haven't done any proper exercise for years, apart from the occasional walk.

But suffering is good for you, isn't it?


I'm thinking ...

You and I ... is a wonderful album track, man. Nice, and beautiful, and relaxed. It's not trying to prove anything. It's not a world-beater. Not even a bread-and-butter classic. Do you know what I mean? / I would like to write some songs like that one day, but not now. Oh no! It would be too self-indulgent and unambitious at a time when I need hits, hits, hits. You dig? Oh, I hope so.

Actually, not every world-beater needs to be a hit. A Day In The Life by The Beatles wasn't a hit, wasn't even a single. / I suppose these songs have got to be "overpowering" more than anything else. Awe-inspiring, like.

They've just got to be "special".

Uh. Uh. Uh.

Er ... I might write the lyric for Good Times/Bad Times on Sunday, if I'm not reading that book.

My sixth world-beater. Closer to the ten I want. (As a base, I mean. I won't be stopping at ten.)

Jesus. I don't know. I don't know if I've got time to write another four before I launch my new demo. It's just that I have a very big vision now: ten world-beaters, strong performing skills, and a shit-together personality.

It's my obsession, son. [Daughter.]


Do you know that David Goggins used to be scared of the water? So what did he do? He decided to become a Navy SEAL. The guy's a fucking lunatic, frankly.

Anyway, later(s), blog fan(s). Have a nice weekend!