Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Refinitiv: Lipper European fund flows report - July 2019

Okay, okay. It's a PR email from Detlef Glow, Lipper's head of EMEA research at Refinitiv. [Well, our Nsikan sent it on his behalf.]  So, what's been going on?

July was the fifth month of the year in which long-term mutual funds posted net inflows.
The overall fund flows for mutual funds in Europe in July amounted to net inflows of €81.5 bn.
Money Market funds (+€38.3 bn) were the best-selling individual asset type overall for July.
Equity Global (+€14.5 bn) was the best-selling sector among long-term funds for July.
Ireland (+€43.3 bn) was the fund domicile with the highest net inflows, followed by France (+€19.2 bn), which was driven by flows into money market products (+€20.6 bn), Luxembourg (+€13.3 bn), Switzerland (+€3.1 bn), and the U.K. (+€1.1 bn).
In Every Dream Home A Heartache.
BlackRock was the best-selling fund promoter for July overall, with net sales of €20.1 bn, ahead of Amundi (+€11.5 bn) and JP Morgan (+€7.1 bn).
The ten best-selling long-term funds gathered at the share-class level amounted to net inflows of €17.0 bn for July.
Amundi CA 13/08/2019 C (+€5.0 bn) was the best-selling individual long-term fund for July.

Okay, okay. I'm sure it all makes sense to someone. / Er ... there is actually a proper report, like. 'That's just the summary you've posted, boss.' Yeah, I know.

I know.


Anything else? Brexit?! Christ! I don't even know where to start. To be honest, I don't want to talk about it. All I will say is, I desperately need to record my new demo soon, man, so I can be on the last helicopter out of Saigon - if you know what I mean. FFS!

The good news is, my performing is much improved. I put that down to two things ...

1] The spider exercise, which I do for half an hour every day before rehearsing my songs.

2] David Goggins with his bad-ass attitude. He's given me a real boost. [I regret not joining the French Foreign Legion now. Ah, never mind.]


What else? Is there anything else? Not really. I can tell you a funny story about Richmond, if you like.

Right. A few months ago I was walking in Richmond when I saw a guy who looked like Richard Ashcroft from The Verve. I thought to myself: "Oh, look at this ponce. He thinks he's Richard Ashcroft or something. Pathetic!" Well ... it turns out that Ashcroft actually lives in Richmond, so ... 'Ha, ha, ha!' Yes, I thought you would like this story, Voice.

Good night, kook(s)!