Thursday, 15 August 2019

Talking about the end of summer with Euan Munro

Yeah, Euan phoned me last night. Late last night. He was depressed about the weather.

This is what was spoken between us ...

Hello, Michael. How are you doing? I'm okay, Euan. How are you? I'm all right. Yeah? Yeah. You sound a bit depressed, man. It's this weather, Mikey. I think the summer is over. We might get a few more nice days. Maybe. It didn't last long though, did it? The hot spell, I mean. No, I suppose not. Did you go to Cornwall? Yeah. I went to Looe for five days. Oh, good. Did you visit Polperro? Because I know you get that recurring nightmare about going to Looe and not visiting Polperro. Yes, Euan, I went one morning. It wasn't all that. I prefer Looe now. Oh, okay. Are you still in the park, with the tents? No. We've packed up now. So you're going to the pub again? Yes. What about work? Anything happening at work? Ha! Don't ask me, son. Ask those Schroders mugs. Are they still looking after the funds for you?! Yeah. Idiots. Ha! Why do they do it?! You don't even pay them. I don't know, Mikey. They're humanitarians or something. Idiots. Exactly.

Well, well ... / There was a bit more, dear reader(s). But nothing too interesting. Not for you, anyway. I mean, there was no finance talk because Euan point blank refuses to talk about such nonsense. That's why I like him so much.

Aviva Investors: a refuge from the modern world.

They can use that, if they like.


Anything else? Listen! I'm doing ten sit-ups now before I perform every song. 'Why, Mikey?!' Oh, hello, Voice. BECAUSE(!) ... I've realized that my lack of energy/fitness is a problem when it comes to performing. 'Oh.' So, I'm trying to fix that.

And after each song ... I do a set amount of spider exercise on the guitar, too, and a barre chord exercise.

Then I start again. As many times as I can in a day. It won't be much on heavy blogging days, but I hope to do loads on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

That's my new discipline, kook(s). I'm going FULL GOGGINS. 'Is that wise, boss?' I've got to do it, Voice. NO CHOICE.