Friday, 18 April 2008

I've seen the fire in Big Herb's eyes

O baby, I've seen the fire in Big Herb's eyes. The flames of money are burning bright!

I had a vision of eyes last night, and blood, and snakes, and Big Herb was in the desert. And Jack Pickles was in the desert. And Satan was in the desert. And Ganesh was in the desert. And Jesus was nowhere to be found. And I was in the desert! And I fell to the ground, with snakes, and fire, and Big Herb's eyes! And there was blood!

Where is the money we have all dreamed of? O my children, dance! Where is the gold we were promised? O my children, sing! And chant! The chant of the burning cash! Will we all be burned? Oh yes, we will. Will we love the burning? What do you think?

O Jesus, I've not seen your eyes in a long time, but Big Herb is here with his eyes aflame. Is this the way? Is money the way? Is God smiling now? Are the flames rising now? Are we all burning now? We love the money! O children, we love the money. And we are burning. Where are we? Who are we?

That old fool Satan is laughing. Let him laugh. Jack Pickles is waiting for his chance, but we will stop him. There's nothing for Jack in the fire of Big Herb's eyes. There is only despair for him. He is heading for the pit!

O lords of the big money, angels of cash, and ghosts of the dead financiers, I call on you now, take my people into the desert. They will learn in the desert. They will grow in the desert. They will be consumed by fire in the desert, and they will love it.

Money is calling us! In the desert, money is calling us! O my children, my brothers, my sisters, this is the money we want. We want it! Let's go and get it! Through the dark sky, moonless, where are the stars? Through the tears we have cried, through the credit crunch, to the desert! Big Herb is there, dreaming and smiling. Let's run to him! Let's fly! Let's swim through the astral plane to him and burn with ecstasy in his eyes!

O baby, I've seen the fire in Big Herb's eyes. I've seen those eyes. I've seen that fire.