Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Moody's: extremely pleased, I'd say

Moody's is pleased to announce the following appointments:

Senior vice president - Kristin S. Lindow, Philipp Lotter, Stuart Hughes.

Senior credit officer - Peter Burbank, Carole Gintz, Sebastien Hay, Francois Lauras, Elena Nadtotchi, Yaroslav Sovgyra.

Vice president - Alberto Barbachano, George Chrysaphinis, Andrew Harling, Odi Lahav, Laurent Lassalvy, Michael Mueller-Heumann, Nondas Nicolaides, Daniel Piels.

Why is Moody's so pleased? A couple of these characters - I won't name them - are first-class financial shamans. And one of them - I will name him - is a superb money mystic. His name is Peter Burbank, and I'm just surprised he's not a shaman. I guess it's not for everyone. Maybe he doesn't want the responsibility.

Well, anyway, congratulations to all of them.