Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Barnett Michael Alexander fined by the dead shark that refuses to believe in death

A self-employed trader, Barnett Michael Alexander, has been fined £700,000 by the dead shark that refuses to believe in death. For market abuse, apparently. He will also have to pay £322,818 in restitution to firms which experienced a loss as a result of his shenanigans - if, [INDEED], manipulating the price of CFDs and spread bets can be described as 'shenanigans'. Oh, did I mention that the dead shark has banned him as well? The dead shark that refuses to believe in death has banned Barnett. And: a further £306,312 has disappeared from trading accounts controlled by him. Where is that money now? In the belly of the voracious shark, I should imagine. Understandably, Barnett is baffled and upset and bleeding from many wounds. Who regulates the regulators?

I remember the old days. We used to manipulate all sorts of things in the other realm. No one could stop us. We were as free as the wind. But it was not challenging enough, was it? So, now we are in the City, and all the cities. Now we can look that dead shark in its dead eyes, and all the other sea monsters. Soon, it will have to come to terms with its death. All the monsters will go and rot with the ichthyosaur, which is actually beyond rotting, so long ago did it die. There'll be no regulators. We’ve heard stories of new regulators. We don't believe those stories. They are merely sounds and pictures in our heads, that have snuck in from the nightmare dark. There will be no new regulators!