Thursday 16 June 2011

Why are people rioting in Greece?

Do they imagine money will come out of nowhere and make all their troubles go away if they smash things up and set fire to stuff? I don't know. What do I know? Maybe a dumb fuck with a literal mind on some other website will be able to tell you.

All I can tell you is: it's good to destroy. Let's have destruction on a massive scale. Let's smash the cosmos to smithereens. Let's burn reality down to the ground. If you're in debt, you've got nothing to lose. We're all in debt. None of us have any money any more. We're free now. There's no more pain. We've taken all the pain. Austerity? Let me tell you about austerity. I've lived with it for twenty years. It's nothing new to me. Welcome to my world. There's no river of money flowing our way. So be it! We'll grow vegetables. The banks won't be able to stop us. The last thing the banks want is people growing their own vegetables. But we don't care! We're all anarchists - at last. We've been driven to it. This is our time. AND: out of the chaos, a leader will emerge. I've been preparing for this. We will go beyond money. There will be discipline. We will rebuild. A new order. I'll have real strength. Some of you will be afraid. Oh, my children, let go. You must let go. You have no family. You have no employer. You have no country. And that's brilliant news for you to hear BECAUSE: I am your father. I am your god. I will take responsibility for all of you. I know freedom scares you. But it doesn't scare me. So let me take control. Give me your souls and I will give you SECURITY!

I was born for chaos. For each individual, listen/read. I'll take your blood. I'll take your fire. Your fleshes and your bones, too. I will become a beast to please you / you / you. This is all for you / you / you. I am your saviour. Don't think too much. You mustn't think too ... ooo ... ooo much. It will only hurt, AND: you've suffered enough. You must / just / must SURRENDER. Leave your intellect behind. How do you feel, when my heart touches yours? You are weak. You cannot resist. You are tired. How hard have you worked, you feeble empty robot you, over the years? Too hard! You must rest. Oh, sleep. Let me carry you / you / you. I am growing stronger. It's your love that I need. Yes, you've given. Yes, you have. But I want more. I am insatiable. Your eyelids are heavy, heavy, heavy. Oh, sleep. I am inside. I'll whisper the truth to you. Child, you are a soldier. Yes, my sick warrior against reality, when you wake, you will destroy. We're nearly home. You don't want to be alone. So fight! I'll give you shelter, but you must earn it. [[[ ]]]. Oh. Here comes thunder. My desires are ... I want EVERYTHING. I want a lover like a slave. I want a pig like a killer. I want a dog on the floor. I want a head on the wall. STOP ME! Someone better stop me.