Friday, 3 June 2011

Jonathan Polin has had a fantastic run from NOWHERE to SOMEWHERE

This is the sort of finance man I admire. A man like this / this / this Jonathan. A man who can go from NOWHERE to SOMEWHERE in a mere seven years at one firm. Jonathan Polin is the sales and marketing director at Ignis Asset Management. But not for long. He's leaving!!! There are other things that he wants to go and do. Can you blame him? He ain't NOWHERE no more. He's SOMEWHERE. He ain't empty inside, aching for love. He's not the boy they used to know. He's a man now, and he wants to be tested.

I'll test him. After I've explained to him that NOWHERE is the place to be. 'You don't wanna be SOMEWHERE, son. You wanna get back to NOWHERE.' I'll say something like that. I'll whisper it in his ear while he's sleeping, while he's dreaming. Oh, don't get me wrong. I admire Jonathan. I do admire him. It isn't everyone who is able to go from NOWHERE to SOMEWHERE. I just think he should have stayed at NOWHERE because that's where all the freedom is. When you're SOMEWHERE, you're trapped. Of course, there are other things he wants to go and do. Maybe he's planning to do them at NOWHERE. I'll discuss it with him. I'll advise him. I'll give him the benefit of all my years of experience as a shaman against reality. He'll appreciate that, I'm sure, because if he doesn't appreciate it there's a chance I will lose my temper. And he won't want that. He knows what I'm like. He's heard the stories. He knows how handy I am with a scalpel.