Wednesday, 22 June 2011

J.P. Morgan Securities will donate $153.6 million to the SEC

Just because the SEC asked for it. Some people have more money than sense. They even have more money than nonsense. Anyone would think there wasn't a New Depression all around the world, EVEN: in every nook and cranny. And what about me? Let me tell you about MY NEEDS. People (I'm talking financiers, and they are people, believe it or not) forget about me. All I need IS: a few million to tide me over until my ship comes in, and a good woman - maybe that [don't worry about it] oh yes, to tide me over, if my angel ain't available yet - which she ain't, let's face it [a lot of work to be done there; I'm up to the challenge]. Money is wasted on the SEC. I wouldn't be surprised if women were wasted on the SEC, too. These people don't know how to enjoy themselves. J.P. Morgan may as well just set fire to it. But not ... I won't stand for any Joan of Arc-style outrages! Witchfinder General? No!!! At least that would be something to write about - the burning of the money, I mean. I could write "BURNING money FOREVER". I love the flames. I love the smoke. Not so keen on the ashes. But that's never been a problem with me. As a financial shaman, I know how to avoid the ashes. Don't know if J.P. Morgan can. (Maybe it can - ?) Gotta few decent shamans, here and there, scattered all over the ... cosmos, inner, and outer. Mikey! Take a look at this. Eh? What? Did J.P. Morgan mislead investors in a complex mortgage securities transaction just as the housing market was starting to plummet? Ridiculous! Who spreads these lies? Oh dear. It's all getting fucked up again, ain't it? BUT you know I'm planning a fresh start, don't ya? I'm going to get sorted. My soul will be calm. Can you imagine that? It will happen. I'm determined to make it happen. You think I enjoy this, this chaos? It hurts me. It makes me ill.

Oh, it's exhausting! I don't know how I do it, day after day. And I'm confused now. I imagine Lou Reed felt a lot like this at the end of Heroin. 'And thank God that I just don't care. And I guess I just don't know.'