Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Something at Clive Capital is making £250,000 a day ...

... and I want to know what it is, this creature that can earn so much. It can't be human. Clive Capital would name him or her if it were human. I've tried floating around their office in my astral form - I like to keep my hand in - but they've managed to block me so far. There's definitely a 'power' there. I'm almost frightened. I leave town for one week and this happens!

Yes, I'm back from St Ives. I had a lovely time. Made some new friends. Mainly seagulls. They kept going after my dinner. It starts off with one seagull. You give it a couple of chips, then it squawks its head off and the next thing you know you're surrounded by fifty of the crazy birds, all over you like a cheap suit. They're animals! I might write a book. Loved By Seagulls. If only it was that easy to get Gillian. I could just throw her a chip every now and then.