Monday, 25 November 2013

Sebastian Lyon says that central banks are going to wreck everything again

Not that they wrecked everything last time. 'Just the next time.' Yeah. / Maybe I was too hard on Sebastian Lyon before. 'When?!' Before, Voice. Before! 'All right. Chill out, man.' He seems to know what he's talking about. / Sebastian Lyon says there's going to be another crisis because central banks are printing all this money like it's going out of fashion. 'That makes sense.' They're rigging the markets. There's going to be loads of inflation. One day. 'When?' I don't know. Soon. Later on. After Christmas, I suppose. I don't know. 'Jesus! How are you preparing for it? Gold?' I can't afford gold. 'Baked beans?' Yeah, just baked beans. 'Never mind, Mikey.' At least you can eat baked beans.


Well, that's enough finance for a Monday morning. I don't want to get a reputation for writing about finance on a Monday. 'Imagine that!' It doesn't bear thinking about, son.

I have been thinking though. 'Really?' Oh yeah. I've been thinking about Scottish independence. I reckon they might go it alone, you know. The thought of never having a Conservative government ever again will be too irresistible for the Scots. Of course, it means the English will be lumbered with nothing but Conservative governments. It will be like a thousand-year Reich. / So, personally, I hope the Scots vote to stay a part of the United Kingdom. / Maybe I'll be living in Malibu by then. Or maybe Cornwall will become an independent country. I'd love to emigrate there!

Music? I'll be playing my guitar after lunch. I might do some recording. I might not.

I've got a cheese sandwich. Some crisps. A yoghurt. A can of Coke. No surprises. I don't want any surprises. 'How about a Pot Noodle?' No! / When I stayed in Cornwall for two months, over twenty years ago, in winter, no work, just living off savings, I had soup every day for lunch. Then I went to the pub in Polperro. I had a couple of ciders and read the paper. Then I went and sat on the bench overlooking the sea, and I ate chocolate limes while listening to Leonard Cohen's Songs From A Room and staring at the mist. 'Two months of that!' Probably the best time of my life.

Update: Brilliant! I've found a photograph of the bench. I don't know why they've called it Parrenporth though. That's Polperro. That's the bench!