Tuesday, 12 November 2013

They say that Brevan Howard is the biggest hedge fund manager in Europe now

Bigger than Man Group, man. / Brevan Howard has $40 billion under management. (I don't know about the pounds.) Man Group has $35.6 billion under management. (More dollars! Yet again, I know nothing of pounds.) BlueCrest is in third place ... with some cash they found down the back of the sofa in reception. (Dollars!) / So, what does it all mean? Er, not a lot. One firm has more money than another firm. Big deal! Did I get out of bed for this?

No, I didn't. / I'm listening to Frank Sinatra. I might put Bobby Darin on in a minute. (Oh, he's on now!) We all know that Darin's Mack the Knife is great, but Beyond the Sea is brilliant as well. / I tried recording my songs again yesterday. Another disaster. But it's funny, I often play perfectly when I'm not recording. It must be nerves. / I might try to write a new song today. I have a chord sequence and melody from a couple of months ago that could become a song. You're Lying is a great (torch) song - fit for any crooner - and I want to write another like it. / Jean-Paul Sartre had the right idea at the end of Nausea. Songs are where it's at, baby. Though he was thinking of a book, like so many squares. (Only because his character wasn't musical. It was a song that started him off.) 'Some of these days you'll miss me, honey.' No, I won't. I'll be glad when you're gone, Voice.