Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Neil Woodford has spent a fortune on some purple bricks

I don't know what's going on. It's like a second childhood or something. 'Purple bricks, boss? Are they like Lego?' Yes, Voice. Well, I think so. 'Well, if it's good enough for Cantab Capital Partners, surely it's good enough for Viscount Dr Field Marshal Sir Screaming Lord Woodford, CBE, VC, DSO, MC.' Oh, maybe.

I don't have the exact figure on how much our Neil has spent, dear reader(s), but I can tell you that he now owns 29.1 per cent, whatever that means. 'It means he owns almost a third of all the purple bricks in existence! I wonder who owns the rest ...' Prince, I should think. And I doubt he'll be willing to sell.


Okay, I'll come clean: There just ain't any news around. You dig? I should have worked last week, and taken this week off. 'You'll know better next Christmas, boss.' Ha! Next Christmas?! Are you serious, Voice? I'll be living in Malibu by then, a genuine rock and roll star. I won't have any time (or enthusiasm) for financial blogging ...

Well, well ... the weather? It wasn't that sunny yesterday (in dreary London). And it's worse today. It looks like spring has been delayed. I can't get to grips with this climate change nonsense. It's all over the place!

Music? I'm listening to Blur. Best of ... album. I'm not really a fan, but ... it makes a nice change. Girls and Boys is my favourite song of theirs. Or maybe Coffee and TV. I can't decide.

Music? My music? I got some copyright protection for my songs yesterday. Copyright actually exists from the moment a song is written, but I've registered them now with a company online.

Uh, er ... guitar? It's all acoustic rhythm on my demo, of course. However, I've decided I won't make much progress with my ... ELECTRIC(!!!) lead playing until I get an Epiphone Les Paul. 'Oh, you've convinced yourself, have you, Mikey? What the fuck is wrong with your Fender Squier Telecaster?!' It's a cheap guitar, man. The tone doesn't get into your soul, yeah? I want to rock so bad/good that people will salute me ...