Monday, 14 December 2015

There's something inside Stephen Harker

Mr Stephen Harker is a financial shaman and fund manager who works at GLG Partners. He's a bit shy, unfortunately. However, he has told Fundweb that there is something inside him. 'A bit like Alien, boss. That film, yeah?' No, nothing like Alien, Voice. You moron!

Speaking to Harker it is impossible not to be struck by both his passion for the job and his introspection. While clearly enjoying fund management, he admits the pressures and challenges can be difficult. Comparing this interview to a session in the psychologist's chair, Harker says he struggles to understand exactly what motivates him beyond "something inside". For the purposes of our nature versus nurture debate, he is therefore another advocate for the former. More here, dear reader(s).

Obviously, this "something inside" isn't a hellish monster. 'Thank God!' No, I believe it's the blood and fire that all shamans have. Obviously, he's not going to tell the squares at Fundweb all about financial shamanism, BUT(!) ... we understand, don't we, my mystic kook(s)?


Well, well ... / This is the last week before my Christmas break, my week off. [And yours?] I'm definitely looking forward to it BECAUSE(!) ... I'm knackered, quite frankly. I need some mince pies!!! 'Ha! Italics! Is that a quote from the Stephen Harker interview?' Yes, Voice. Yes it is.

Oh, by the way, dear reader(s), don't go looking for our Stephen's LinkedIn profile. It's totally weird. It will just freak you out. 'Jesus, Mikey! Is that a picture of Mr Harker?!' No, that's Benny. 'Benny, who, for the love of Christ?!' I've no idea. Just forget you saw it.


Anything else? Music? My music? Nothing much to say. I'm merely waiting for time to pass, another three weeks or so. But I'm thinking, man ... TIME!!! It's been five years since I started my "comeback". I thought it would only take eighteen months to get ready. Never mind. I'm ready now ...

Music? Other people's music? What am I listening to? Er ... I'm listening to The Stone Roses, Second Coming. / Blues rock. Not a classic like the first album, but it's worth listening to just for John Squire's guitar playing.

Lunch? I don't know. Cheese sandwich.