Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Brad Ball: the optimist

This is what I'm talking about. This is what I like to see. Shares in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went right up yesterday: Freddie +22.19 per cent, Fannie +13.10 per cent. Why? Why did this happen? Well, because an analyst at Citigroup, Brad Ball, recommended the stock of these two mortgage companies. That's the power of optimism. Brad ain't some miserable git who just moans about the world all day long. He's a man of action, a man of the future, and a fanatical follower of Big Herb.

This is from a speech that Brad gave at a Big Herb temple a little while back:

'Brother, sisters, I have seen the light. And Big Herb is that light. Big Herb lightens our lives with his love and lots of hard cash. I've followed him into the desert on the astral plane of my subconscious, and I've been amazed. I've seen money burning. I've seen ghosts - financiers long dead - and they have spoken to me, and given me financial advice, and helped me in my career at Citigroup, and they have also sucked my brain out of its shell and splashed it all over the cosmos and then put it back - and I'm very grateful. I know the value of money. I know the importance of optimism. I know that the credit crunch is the work of communist agitators in league with the devil. Many of these commies work for respected financial newspapers and websites. WE MUST WEED THEM OUT! WE MUST NAME NAMES! WE MUST CLEANSE THEM WITH FIRE! WE MUST DESTROY THEM! Only then will the poison of the credit crunch disappear. Remember, Big Herb loves you. He died for your money.'

Brad, mate, you take my breath away. Absolutely brilliant!