Friday, 15 August 2008

Martin Liechti: home is where the heart chakra is

Free! Free at last! Martin Liechti has gone home. Who? Marty! You know Marty. He's that UBS private banking executive who got all mixed up with Brad and the tax evasion stuff. Anyway, the US authorities reckon he's kosher now, so he has been allowed to go home. Back to sunny Switzerland. I love a happy ending.

Marty told me, 'The Feds believed me. They knew I wouldn't get mixed up with guys like Pickles and Birkenfeld. I'm a righteous soul. I don't have an evil bone in my body. And the Feds knew that. That's why I'm free now. Free to meditate, to get in touch with myself, and the cosmos. I've got to get rid of the bad vibes that have been surrounding me. Can you recommend any decent healing crystals?'

I put him in touch with Keith Busby. That's what business is - being a good middleman.