Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dieter Frerichs shoots himself in the sea

Dieter Frerichs, managing director of the K1 hedge fund group, has committed suicide. The cops were after him, so he just ran into the sea with a revolver and ended it all.

Ernest Hemingway once said that if he couldn't live life on his own terms, then life was impossible. He took a shotgun to himself soon after.

Suicide is not always an act of despair. I don't think people who commit suicide are cowards. Most people alive are cowards. Afraid to live fully. Dieter had his life.

Would you want a life of absolute freedom, or a life in a cage? We don't know what freedom or bondage lies beyond death. We can guess. I have thought about it. I have had visions of heaven and hell. I have no idea how good you have to be to get into heaven, or how bad to get into hell. And heaven isn't really anything you can see. It's a state of mind. The same goes for hell. What state of mind will you be in when your time comes, dear reader?

I was stopped by a fire in my head. That's not everyone's experience. There is no stopping some people. Some people go all the way. Dieter went all the way. He ain't coming back. Unless you believe what you read in the Bhagavad-gita. If you do read it, that is. You may read the Bible. Or you may be a godless communist.

Communists? O you fools, your atheism won't protect you! Not at the very end. You are so shallow. Your consciousness is hardly a consciousness at all. You are not awake. Death will open your eyes. Good luck!

Heroes and villains. There are no heroes. There are no villains. Dear reader, your soul is a drop of water. God is an ocean. When you die, no one will be able to find you, not in an ocean. And your sins, if you have any, will be washed away.

We will enjoy it there.