Friday, 2 July 2010

Summer darkness

If we cared about you with my black hole eyes sucking your soul, the voices, the satanic ones, you would feel our love. Our love would make you come dollars and pounds. Then you would know the glory of capitalism. We would take you to a heaven that is just like hell.

If we wanted to entertain a bunch of fucks, wouldn't we tell you so? That's not our game. We are here, living here in a body that will not last, then we will move on, and take some other mutha down. That is what we do. The life we share is a thug affair.

We are not speaking for your benefit. You are not special. We do not give a shit about your riches, or your position. We don't care if all your colleagues respect you. We don't respect you. That's what you should be concerned about. We're coming to get you in the summer darkness.