Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Global Resources Absolute Alpha will be loved by Chris Butler and Duncan Goodwin

They will love this new Martin Currie fund, as they manage it, these men, Chris Butler and Duncan Goodwin. Ucits III compliant. It does not get any better than that. Not in the desert. Not in the sea. Not with astral waves, sand or water. This will be the best thing to have ever moved within them, this fund. They will feel its fire. Their blood will heat up. And we will see their faces in the sky, like the faces of angels, because this is what happens once you have found a fund you can love.

Chris Butler and Duncan Goodwin know they must step outside. Leave the safety of their bodies. They must take Global Resources Absolute Alpha with them, at the right time. Walking in darkness or in light, they must show no fear. We will escape with them, when they go. Follow them to the nothingness that has been calling them. They can make something out of this nothingness. Fill it with the fire of the fund. They will open their minds to the universe and let everything in, as I have.

I am letting go. I urge the future men of Global Resources Absolute Alpha to let go. You cannot control your thoughts or your actions. We are God's robots. I will give in to the darkest words that come in my head. The lightest words will float off. You will chase after them. It will be a comedy. For the cold ones: I care about everything you have no knowledge of. I have seen things that do not exist in your world. Come to my world. Chris and Duncan are here. You will not be alone. Men and women you may have seen in the City or on Wall Street years ago, you will see again as ghosts. We are waiting for you. You are welcome.

All voices become one voice in the end. All characters become one character. When we return to God, we become God in His realm. It is not like the astral plane, where you can be separate. The plane is a kind of purgatory. I realize that now. I know I will become a god for a while. Then I will shake money off and become God. This is natural. Chris and Duncan will experience it. So will you. There is no need for you to be afraid. Children become shamans become gods become God. It is a process. It will go on forever.

Global Resources Absolute Alpha is a first step for the Martin Currie future men. It comes inside. They step outside. They leave the safety of life, which is death. They move further away. You watch them. Oh, they follow you. You are ahead. Let them catch you.

Mr Butler and Mr Goodwin will be very pleased to meet you. If they existed, how scary would they be? If you existed, how serious would the situation become? If I were alive and writing these words, how important would the world seem then? This is God’s fantasy. We play His game. We are not taken in. That is why He loves us so much.

Global Resources Absolute Alpha. A name of a fund to burn you. Believe in it the way you used to believe in the tooth fairy. This is the only way. A thing is only real because we believe it in. Mr Butler and Mr Goodwin are ready for you now.