Wednesday, 21 July 2010

No one knows if Luca Rubinelli will ever appear in the flesh at Xenfin Capital

Like the ghostly flesh of Jesus, Luca Rubinelli's flesh is hard to find. They have had visions at Xenfin Capital. Duncan MacInnes saw Luca in the light, and in the dark. His mind was penetrated by words as well. He heard the voice of Luca. He heard things no man should hear. It wasn’t a ghostly Jesus figure that spoke. More like the devil. It is easy to get confused. The night-time terrors. The daytime pleasures. They merge into one grey nightmare where you are asleep and awake. Dead and alive.

Luca will be running the Global Macro Absolute Return Trading strategy, if they ever find him. If they can tie him down to a chair in the office and make him do some work. But we all fear that Luca will be floating far above for all eternity, and that no one will ever be able to reach him. Xenfin Capital needs someone who can drag Luca out of the clouds. The firm needs a miracle, let's be frank. We shouldn't lie to ourselves. The world is full of lies. People you trust will lie to you. People who praise you one minute will reveal their innate phoniness the next. We must be strong.

Luca has been at Societe Generale, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Paribas, and JP Morgan. No one remembers him. It's as if Luca doesn't really exist. Maybe we should envy him. Maybe Luca has discovered the secret of successful living. Let no one see you in the flesh. If you must speak, whisper in people's ears while they are asleep. Tell them things you wouldn't dare tell them if they were awake. Make them understand. Make them realize their wretched lives are nightmares, and that their glorious dreams are glimpses of the lives they could have.

A face staring forever. A haunted face. Is that Luca? It could be any one of us. Those eyes could kill. And if they did, who would be the lucky one? Like the girl with the clown, there is no end to it. There are some seriously sick people in this world. Luca knows this. He knows the truth about himself. I don't envy Duncan MacInnes. He has brought a monster onboard; a great big monster of consciousness without the flesh that could make it all bearable. Who is Luca Rubinelli? What does he want? What are his plans?

Forget him. There's a cool breeze that will take him. Let him go. There's a shower of rain that will wash him away. He will go. That's the only way we'll cope. Do you want him wandering around anywhere near you? Then stop thinking of him. I blame myself. I am responsible for passing him on to you. Now he is stuck inside you. Have you ever had jam on your shirt? This is worse. Luca is jam in your head. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.