Friday, 23 July 2010

SEC charges Laurence M. Brown and Ronald Mangini with Ponzi nonsense

Yes, more Ponzi scheme nonsense. It's getting a bit old now, isn't it? Aren't there any other scams these people can dream up? Whatever. The SEC alleges Laurence M. Brown and Ronald Mangini conducted a Ponzi scheme against their clients. Something to do with a gas pipeline in Tennessee. Whatever. Like I'm interested.

Like you're interested. I know you want blood and fire. You don't come here for Ponzi nonsense.

But there is no fire today. Look at my fucking blue face! That's the face I have on me today, and there is no fire. Deal with it.

Neither is there any blood. Bloodless. My blue face is cold. I am cold. This ... is ... painful. Just writing, thinking, these words. Do you know what pain is? Real pain. Not sham pain. I'm talking about real pain. You have no idea. Or maybe you do. How on earth would I know if you had an idea or not? I don't know who you are. You could be anyone. You probably are. YOU ARE ANYONE! How does that feel, eh?

I don't wanna hear your problems, man. I know you're talking to me. I hear your voice. I got ears, ain't I? Don't take that tone with me. I've been with ghosts. I've been with gods. Who you been with? Have a bit of respect.

How do I get off this fucking world? What would Jesus H. Christ do?