Thursday, 1 July 2010

Miranda Barker and the BarCap bonk peril

Apparently, there is some sort of bonk peril at Barclays Capital - see here.

Miranda Barker is an executive PA at the bank, and she has been warning all the secretaries - via email - that a randy sex pest with a disease is on the loose. Shocking! Who is this man?

I have been speaking to my dear friend Bobby Diamond. This is what he told me: 'Mikey, we are going to get this character, mark my words. We'll find him. Miranda has given us a pretty good description of the filthy degenerate. (Are you sure you're not a bit jealous, Bobby? Come on, mate, be honest. I've known you too long.) Michael, I'm above all that. The opposite sex. Or any sex. I want to become a financial shaman, remember. (Bobby, being a financial shaman doesn't stop you having a bit of the other. We're not monks, for Christ's sake!) I want to save my energy. It's like a boxer preparing for a big fight. (Whatever. It's your life.) See you on the astral plane, Mike.'

What a crazy kid!