Monday, 5 July 2010

Gravelle Pierre and his Iron Harbor Capital

It is rolling. A new hedge fund rolling in flames, picking up sandy money from the astral desert in my mind, with Gravelle Pierre in ecstasy!

Yes, it is Iron Harbor Capital, a $5 million macro hedge fund. Why wasn't I told? I have only just discovered it. I was in the sand, sleeping, and it rolled over my head. Now I watch it, rolling off into the distance. Will it ever return?

Gravelle Pierre is floating above it. Look! There he is. When a Goldman trader floats in the desert, and the sun hits the creature, I feel a tingling inside. See Gravelle above a big ball of money, getting bigger! But looking smaller.

A sandball of flames! O my children, if it comes towards you, let it roll over you. Let it hit your consciousness so hard that your thoughts fly out into the cosmos like sparks from a fire. Let it hit you in the gut. Let it crush you!

Going, going, almost gone. A little speck on the horizon. I feel so tempted to chase after it. But we must let it go. Goodbye, Iron Harbor Capital!