Thursday, 1 July 2010

Who is Jean-Pierre Mustier?

Who is this mutha? Is he merely another ex-SocGen man on the run, or is there something else about him? Oh, we know he has been fined €100,000 for insider trading, but there must be more to him than that. Who is the man behind the headlines?

Fortunately, Jean-Pierre Mustier is a personal friend of mine, and this is what he says -

I am Jean-Pierre Mustier, and I am not on the run. I fly in the astral sky where no one can touch me. Look! There is Jean-Pierre, warrior in flames, hunter of money, a man apart, alone, but not afraid. Jean-Pierre Mustier is the voice in the heads of the hungry. He speaks to anyone who yearns for riches. Jean-Pierre is a motivator. He pushes the children on. On, on, on! Money is burning for you, children! Stuck to astral clouds! Grab it! Your astral fingers must reach for it! I am Jean-Pierre Mustier, and I know the way. I am inside this cosmos, and I am outside the world. The AMF can fine me. I laugh at fines! Even if the AMF had the power to kill me, I would laugh at death. A man such as I does not need a body. I leave it behind all the time. One day I will leave it for good, and I will not be sad. Oh, the cold earth wanderers will never understand! Their sad little reality is all they have, and they cling on to it with all their might. Let go, you fools! There is a greater life!

Thank you, Jean-Pierre.