Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'll give Naguib Kheraj thirty days at Barclays

That's all I'm giving him. Thirty days. Thirty days as vice chairman. Then I'll snatch him away. I'll spirit him away from Barclays. Bobby won't be able to stop me. No one will ever see Naguib Kheraj again.

Naguib Kheraj won't be advising anyone, not where he's going. Just thirty working days. (I'll have to mark it on my calendar.) Let me stress: these are working days. I think he's already done a couple. Not long to go now. Then he'll be mine, all mine.

The arrogance of these bankers. 'Oh, let me work at JPMorgan Cazenove for a while. No, let me spend a month or so at Lazard. Maybe I'll go back to Barclays. Yes, Barclays will put up with my nonsense.' Sorry, Naguib, my friend, the good times are over. You're coming with me. Thirty days. Less than thirty days, probably. I'll put you to work. And it won't be 30 per cent. I'll find something for you to do that will take up 100 per cent of your time. How will you like that? You may have to get your hands dirty for once.