Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Renaud Saleur is taking his Mangousta hedge fund beyond Jabre Capital Partners

No one knows where Renaud Saleur is going. This is serious. No one has a clue where he is taking his Mangousta fund. Only yesterday, an associate of mine asked him: 'Renaud, where are you going with that fund of yours, and why are you leaving Jabre Capital?' And this most peculiar of men answered: 'Beyond! I am going beyond! Be satisfied with that. I cannot tell you anything more. Please respect my privacy.'

Beyond? How can we be satisfied with such a wretched explanation? It's so vague. Unless he means, The Beyond. Surely not? No, it would be madness. To cross over like that, permanently, before his time, without permission from a higher (spiritual) authority, with no prospect of ever returning to this vale of tears. And with a hedge fund! Who has ever taken a hedge fund to the other side?

Pay attention now: we should not be too hard on Renaud. We are all capable of choosing the wrong path. Can any of us claim to possess the clear sight and honest judgement with which the Lord goes about His business in the skies above, not to mention our hearts? This Renaud, I see his suffering in the world. I watch him, closely, in his days, and in his nights. I understand why he wants to leave the earth behind, to leave it spinning in vast space bereft of his presence. I am not saying I approve. You know my view. We should always fight. Never give in to the darkness that lurks within; which only comes from the frightening without - for I believe we were not born with that darkness. There was a time when we were innocent. We had not tasted the awful wine of sin, nor its sickening bread. We were blank slates until the devil wrote his depraved stories upon us. Sadly, we allowed it. We were weak. The devil provided us with drink, and he fed us. We were thirsty for love, but the fleshy love was bad. We were hungry for companionship, and that was even worse than the love. Our foul-weather friends were demons! That is why we wandered in the desert for so long, to escape the infernal one and his questionable delights. It was a sacrifice. The last few years have been a time of desolation for a reason. So, the desert is a distant memory for us, and we are in the cities. Renaud has not had our experiences. Will we judge him? No! Let us guide him. It is our duty. We should stop Renaud from going beyond. More than that, if this man is sick, let us heal him. If he is confused, let us bring clarity (as far as we are able to). If he is sad, well, we should at least try to make him happy. I ask you all, my readers, my children: treat this man as if he were your brother. Oh, he is your brother!