Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Where are the billions from the sale of the Bank of Moscow?

A couple of months ago, Moscow's municipal government sold 46 per cent of Bank of Moscow to VTB for $3.7 billion (or a lot of roubles). Unfortunately, this money has since disappeared off the face of the earth. Well, that's what Andrei Borodin reckons. He's the former chief executive of Bank of Moscow, and he suspects corruption. Moscow's government is having none of it. A spokesthing said the money is somewhere and it will turn up in the city's coffers eventually.

I'm taking the side of the city government. I too believe that the money is somewhere and that it will make an appearance when it is good and ready. I'm an optimist. I have faith. And I get these feelings - little vibrations, really.

Let me explain the mystery of money that goes missing. There is no corruption or acts of evil in such situations. Imagine, for a moment. One sunny day, you would have ten pounds in your pocket. (I know you would.) It could slip away without your noticing, off the face of the earth. (Yes, I have to admit, the money does leave the earth. Andrei Borodin is not a complete fool.) And you could scream (it's possible): 'Thievery! Treachery! Outrageous shenanigans in the holy light of day which should only take place under the cover of darkness, in the evil night, obviously!' And no one would have the slightest idea of what you were going on about. Normal people would stare at you in the street and wonder. They would wonder all sorts of things, and a lot of it wouldn't be fair. 'I wonder if he's insane.' 'I wonder if she needs her medication.' This is the golden rule: never, never, never scream in the street when your money goes missing. Why? Two reasons. The first reason, which is common sense: you don't want perfect strangers thinking you're a mental case. The second reason, which is just magical, honestly: the money you have lost is already on its way back to you, with a whiff of the abyss about it - if you're lucky. Hard to believe, I know, but I am speaking from experience. Money needs adventure. It doesn't want to hang around in your pocket, or your bank account, dreaming of another life. That's why it often goes off, for a short while, to other realms! Not necessarily the abyss; it could be heaven. However, the abyss does hold an immense fascination for money. It's the danger, yes? I know you understand, reader(s).

So, Moscow's government sold the 46 per cent of Bank of Moscow. Those billions will materialize! They left VTB. We know that. They went off, God knows where. (I can guess, though.) Soon, very soon, the billions will land in the city's coffers. Coming from the sky profound or the abyss? Let's wait and see.