Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Will you be investing in the Brent Goggins hedge fund?

I know I will. Why? Because Mr Goggins is a hard worker, that's why. And he has vision. Brent Goggins had the gumption, the sheer gumption, to go door to door collecting old cans to raise money to start his fund. How many of you reading this in your comfy offices in Mayfair (or wherever it is you're based) would be willing to do something like that? And how was Mr Goggins rewarded for his efforts? The police in West Hartford, Connecticut arrested him and threw him in a cell! (He's out on bail now.) Outrageous! This man is an entrepreneur, a visionary, and he gets treated like he's the scum of the earth. His chief financial officer, Charles Cravish, was also arrested. It's stories like this that almost make me want to go back to the astral plane and bloody well stay there. Almost. But I suppose we have to try and fight the forces of evil, don't we?