Monday, 11 April 2011

Todd Builione, president for life, sickening, at Highbridge Capital Management

I've just found out. The rotten bastards reported it. He was the chief operating officer at Highbridge. (Probably still is. I don't know how they do what they do or why.) But the exciting (and sickening) news has come through to my nervous, chaotic mind: Todd Builione is the president for life at Highbridge Capital Management! This makes him pretty much untouchable, unlovable, and isolated, a mad money tyrant. So maybe the news isn't exciting (and sickening) at all. Maybe the news is terrifying. And sickening.

I am not afraid. The news is absolutely terrifying, let's be honest, but I am not afraid; and now we must be impressed by my lack of fear into the bargain. [I am definitely not convincing anyone. I must raise my game, to a god's game, with sick in my mouth.] Who wants more than top tier performance? No one I know. We just want a peaceful, soft time, cosy, in the cellar, wrapped up in a blanket, kisses on our foreheads, and around the eyes, all over. We're waiting for the storm to pass. We are not demanding governance frameworks with checks and balances. Are we insane?! We want food and shelter. We want to save our skins, and our souls. Leave the institutional quality business management to those who are living on easy street - far, far away.

I am a little bit scared. Yes, a little bit. So are you. Why do they report this stuff? Why can't they leave us alone? We were happy in our ignorance, cut off from stories of demonic success. Soon, there will be severed heads in the freezer compartment. I know the future. It's exactly like the past. There are no surprises for shamans like me.