Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Simon Thorp is taking Quentin Peacock with him

And a few others. 'I'll take you all to Avoca Capital Holdings!' Simon Thorp has been sold. This is how it starts. You start selling human beings in a credit business. You end up committing all kinds of atrocities in a place like hell. That's Liontrust Asset Management for you. I have a lot of friends at Liontrust. I don't want to be too critical. Maybe it's for the best. The Liontrust Credit Absolute Return fund! The Liontrust Credit fund! Going, going, will be ... gone. Quentin Peacock will be gone. And the others. Good men like James Sclater. How does James feel about it? Did anyone even ask him if he wanted to be sold into slavery at Avoca? Of course they didn't! James is a grain of sand. Or a piece of dirt. He is not important, to them. But to me, he is important. They look at him and see ... an insect! Is that worse than a grain of sand ... or a piece of dirt? Who knows? I see a human being. I see a man.

I'm feeling pretty miserable today, insanely emotional. Everything is a struggle. I'm not talking about Liontrust. I can't be responsible for Peacock and Sclater. I have my own life to live. And I have to live it in a world of lies. This is my truth. It may seem fantastic, but it is real. I'm not trying to destroy anyone. Some people are negative because they feel small inside. They rejoice when a company or a person fails. They pretend to despise money. However, they always have enough for their fucking skiing trips. It's at times like this that I want to take the King James Bible and hide in a cave. I'm choking on other people's disgusting behaviour. There must be a way out. Jesus was just a man. I am just a man. Look at me! See a human being. Clean the filth out of your eyes. Look at me! This is not a joke. I piss on the superficial. I piss on the fake. Let them live with Satan. I'm heading for the mountain. I'm going back to the desert. I'll be alone. I'll be happy. Pray for me. Sinners, pray for yourselves. Fuck! I can't leave for the mountain. I can't lie down in the desert. I have responsibilities.