Monday, 4 April 2011

The mysterious Stephen Jen has left BlueGold Capital Management to follow his dream

First, the good news. Stephen Jen has broken away from BlueGold Capital Management to launch his very own hedge fund, SLJ Macro Partners. However, I'm afraid there is bad news. Stephen Jen is not mysterious at all, not in the slightest. I lied to you, to draw you in. Please forgive me. I don't know why I do it. But aren't you a little to blame? Dear reader(s), how satisfied would you be if I told you that Stephen Jen had been director of macroeconomics and currencies at BlueGold? And what if I told you SLJ would specialize in currency trading? You can see my problem. It's the problem I always have with these ... people. So I resort to lies. I hope you can forgive me.

I am a disgusting human being. I can't believe I just tried to pass a small bit (minuscule, really) of the buck like that. How are you to blame, even a little? And it gets worse. Mr Jen won't be following his dream. The man has no romance in his soul. It's just a business thing. So, yes, I lied, yes, I lied about the dream as well. I am such awful filth. Have some of this: SLJ Macro Partners is waiting for approval from the FSA. How about that for a slice of cold reality? Are you happy now? That's what you want, isn't it? Before I end up in the flames of hell, you must tell me what you want. Or are you Satan's puppet(s)?

I can't trust anyone. I would like to trust you. I would like to believe you have my best interests at heart. A question for you. [Another?!] Have you been sent here, by your infernal master? Of course you haven't! I kill all these characters, and what am I left with in my imagination, Satan? It's the emptiness, you must try to understand. Oh, I know you understand. Words and images are searching for something to hold on to. Being so negative, I find something demonic. I only have myself to blame. Even with your being so unknowable, I can't blame you. I will have to make the effort to be positive. I'll have to! There is an angel, good and pure. We all know her. But maybe I should drop the mysticism altogether. See her as human, and myself as a fully human sha/man with no spirits or voices. One voice, my voice. Rational, sane. It would be wonderful to live like that. And it is a part of the plan, after all. I really should give it my best shot.