Monday, 18 April 2011

It's a terrible shame about Ulf Becker

I thought he was getting on great with the werewolves. He was the head of their hedge fund department. What am I going on about? Lupus alpha. It's a German asset manager run by werewolves. That's a novelty, isn't it? Next, we'll have a bank run by vampires. I can see it happening, seriously.

Anyway, Ulf Becker has left the Talent Hotel. That's the place where they take their women to bite lumps out of them or something. I don't think they get much work done, to be honest with you. No wonder Ulf was fed up. It's not a matter of personalities. You may love your co-workers to death, but if they're not concentrating on the job it can get a bit frustrating.

So what will Ulf do now? In times past he would have gone off to the physical desert to find himself. I've put an end to all that though, haven't I? (I'm not exactly Mr Popular at the moment. Shamans and mystics the world over are complaining. Tough. I'm the boss.) He can't even go to the astral desert in his lonely nights. I've put an end to that too. (I'm a mean bastard. They can sue me. They can go on strike. What do I care? They'll get used to the new way. It's not as if I don't know what I'm doing, is it? I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING.) I think I'll ask Ulf if he wants to stay with me for a few weeks. He can sleep in the spare room. What a brilliant idea! I don't have much experience with werewolves. I could pick Ulf's brain.