Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Austerity will go on forever

George Osborne reckons austerity will last until 2018. He has no idea, no idea at all. Austerity will go on forever. / There is no future for the West. There is only a future for individuals. Visionary individuals, to be precise. Men and women who have the ability to get themselves out of the shit. But forget about Western countries and societies. What did Yeats say? 'Mikey, he said: all things fall and are built again, and those that build them again are homosexuals.' Thank you, Voice. That's not the exact quote, but it's close enough.

So, the West is falling. I don't know who's going to rebuild it. We'll be long gone. 'I won’t!' (Whatever, Voice.) Maybe a few hundred years from now, someone in power will get a grip. I know we can't rely on a posh millionaire idiot playing games with the economy. The sort of man who buys a standard-class train ticket and then tries to push his way into a first-class carriage is NOT the sort of man we need at this terrible time. The whole government is the same. The word "honour" means nothing to these slags.


I didn't go to Chiswick yesterday. I went to Shepherd's Bush, to get a Plan B CD (Strickland Banks) from one of the last remaining HMV stores. / There didn't seem to be too many people in the shopping centre. It's nearly Christmas, man.

I'm going to work on No. 77 later. Writing those conceptual posts and playing the guitar are the only things that can comfort me, with chaos and despair all a-ROUND.

Same stuff for lunch. I ain't got no surprises for you. I can't afford to eat in fancy restaurants. 'Mikey, you're like Tony Montana! All you got is your word and your balls and you don't break them for nobody.' My word is my bomb. 'I heard that, man.'