Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What's this Cloverfield Capital Management?

Well, I've been told it's this new massive $2 billion hedge fund that is spinning away from Barclays in Los Angeles (of all places) - and some cat by the name of Matthew Barrett is going to be running the whole show. Amazing! / Such news, just before Christmas. I can't believe it. And I thought hedge funds were a thing of the past.

This Matthew character is actually a head of distressed debt at Barclays. Apparently, it's all in his head. He imagines this shit, and that's why the bank is spinning him away. Barclays has had enough of Matthew and his nonsense!

Unfortunately (for me), a minimum $25 million investment is required if you want to be a part of the fun at Cloverfield Capital. / Christ! Who has that kind of money lying around?


My lyric? I'm back to needing twelve lines. I was really angry last night and rewrote most of the first verse in a burst of inspiration. It scares me now that I was planning to settle for the earlier version. When you hear pop stars on TV saying, 'Oh, it only took me fifteen minutes to write that song', there's often a good reason why it was written so quickly: the lyrics are crap.

I'm sure of the way this song is going too. It's going to be a love song, but a serious love song. And a serious love song that is still commercial. / So I'm back to my original idea of a One/Hurt style song, rather than that Lovin' Feeling stuff.

Lunch. No. 79. / Laters.