Monday, 17 December 2012

Jupiter's Anthony "Tony" Nutt says it's a wonderful life

Well, no, he actually says it's a wonderful time for investing in the income area, but don't worry about that: it means nothing. I can read between the lines. (Tony is retiring in 2014.) What he really wants to say is: it's a wonderful life.

Like a lot of us, Tony is thoroughly sick of finance. Personally, I'll be writing about finance this week in a quarter-hearted way. It's Christmas! / I'll just write a few posts about any shit that interests me - 'What's new, Mikey?!' - and I'll make a start on the big No. 82.

I don't particulary care for last week's No. 80, but strangely I do like it when those conceptual posts are on the verge of collapse like that. That's real despair, real chaos, man. You dig? 'Frozen forever, a-ROUND and a-ROUND, man.' Exactly, Voice. Very perceptive of you.


I'm glad my angel has given up financial journalism to concentrate on pop music. 'That's your influence, Mikey!' Yes, I do have some influence.

It'll come as no surprise to anyone that I still need twelve lines to finish my song. After lunch again, I suppose.

I'll be ready mid-January. I'm not going to let another year disappear into nothingness. And next year, I'll write a lot of songs, and I'll improve my guitar playing. And I might write some "special" songs which I'll hold back from other artists - in case I decide to try for a recording contract as well.

Update (4.00pm): I've written another six lines! So only six more to go. But that's enough for today. I want to be inspirationally fresh for tomorrow. 'Eh?' I want a strong final verse, man. 'All right.' Six lines to go!!!