Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Manny Roman is taking over at Man Group

Yes, my dear friend Manny "Emmanuel" Roman is going to be the chief executive. I think it's for the best. We really need a financial shaman as boss. Maybe Man Group will get rid of that awful computer trading now and focus on mystical humans all in touch with the cosmos.

In the past, I would have spoken to Manny about the situation and put the (edited) conversation on the blog, but I haven't got the energy or the enthusiasm at the moment for that sort of thing. Besides, you've heard it all before. And Manny has heard it all before. He knows what to do. He doesn't need my guidance. And I don't need the grief. Man, I'm feeling cut off. Right now, I only care about my songs and my non-financial conceptual posts. I mean, they're the future, aren't they? I'm sure there'll come a day when I'm no longer a shaman (financial, anyway). I have nothing left to teach. I must look after myself. I've got to be selfish for a change. My problem is, I'm always thinking of others, trying to help poor unfortunate souls like Bobby Diamond - and I never did see the half a million pounds he owed me, well, OWES me. I don't care. It's only money. I want GLORY!


I'm cold today. The laptop feels cold. My fingers! My words are cold on the screen.

I've only had three or four hours sleep the last couple of nights. I think it's anxiety about changing my life, entering the unknown.

I'll have another go at the last lyric, after lunch, cheese and pickle sandwich. Just twelve lines! I'm still not sure which way this song is going.

I've got to strike a balance between writing commercial "hits" for other people and writing songs that I'd feel comfortable recording myself. 'So, somewhere between Beatles/Bacharach and Dylan/Young?' I don't know. It's not a good idea to analyse shit. Maybe I should just let the songs come the way they want to come.

Only God knows the way.

 'What, Mikey?!'

You heard me, read me, whatever, Voice. Ultimately, only God knows the way. Think of Mozart. Music, and life.

Update (3.30pm): It's so depressing. I just had a go at the lyric, but I deleted two lines. This means I need fourteen lines now, not twelve. / I wonder if Manny can write lyrics. 

Update (6.30pm): Just been reading through some of Prince's lyrics online. I'm a bit more cheerful as a result. Some of them are terrible - when you read them. But listening to them is something else. That's what I've got to bear in mind.