Sunday, 30 December 2012

The last music update

I've decided I'm not writing about music next year. The songs will appear when I'm ready. And when I'm ready, I'm ready. That's it.

I've finished my new song, My Heart. I had to record* it well over a hundred times before I got it right. The version I'm going with is a bit rough and my voice is a bit cracked, but that's cool. I sound like Robert Johnson singing Love In Vain. Who could ask for more?

Unfortunately, Gilly Marie doesn't fit with my other two songs. So I need to finish another song now. A fourth song I already have the music and title for. I'll be ready when I'm ready.

*13/01/2013 - I’ve got to rewrite a couple of lines, which means it will have to be recorded again. Never mind.