Thursday, 6 December 2012

Why is Threadneedle's David Dudding switching funds?

It's a mystery. / We all thought Mr Dudding was happy managing the Threadneedle European Smaller Companies fund. 'It would satisfy most men, Mikey.' But no. Dave wants to run the Threadneedle Global Focus fund, and guess what: Threadneedle is going to let him! From April next year. 'The grass is always greener, eh?' No, Voice, it ain't! 'I know, I'm just saying, man. That's what he thinks.'

I've been looking at his LinkedIn profile. Dave has been at Threadneedle his whole career, unless there's something he's not telling us. 'Did he know, or does he know, Mike Corcell?' Ha! Well, that's something he wouldn't tell us. 'I suppose not.'

Dear reader, if you knew Mike Corcell, would you admit it? He worked at Threadneedle years ago. We all know what happened. No one likes to talk about it. However, I believe he's paid the price now. When is RWC going to let him out of that absurd cage? 'Mikey, are you serious? He's dangerous!' Not any more, Voice. I reckon he's a changed man. 'Yeah, right. Wishful thinking, boy.'


I need to put some new strings on my guitar. I might leave it until the weekend. / Egg sandwich for lunch, a luxury one. Then No. 78.