Monday, 3 December 2012

Daniel Lascano is a believer

This incredible man, Daniel Lascano, still has faith. He still believes in hedge funds. / The man has just launched one! It's called Lomas Capital Management. It dabbles in long/short stuff, apparently. And it has been seeded to the tune of $200 million by Reservoir Dogs Group. (These dogs will probably want their money back at some point and with a lot of profit, and it could turn nasty, so I suggest Dan gets to work straight away.) Mr Lascano and his mates have put up another $40 million. They're rolling in money, aren't they?

I hope it goes well for him.


I've been watching some Plan B videos on YouTube. He's a pretty good songwriter. A great singer too.

I played my guitar for two hours yesterday. Normally, I just laze around on a Sunday. I'm really getting into my music now. It'll be an obsession soon, you mark my words.

My songs, my songs, my songs. / I'm getting closer, man. I'm nearly there. / I'll be working on that lyric again after lunch. / I can feel the pressure building up inside.


There's nothing else going on, is there? / A boring Monday. Dear oh dear. / I've got my favourite sandwich for lunch. The Tesco cheese one with the red onion.

I'm bored, man.

I reckon I should try and improvise that lyric while playing the music for it on the guitar, a-ROUND and a-ROUND, for hours - if it takes hours. I can rewrite and edit afterwards.

Sometimes I give up too soon. The music only took me about a minute to write, but I had to play the guitar for four hours before that minute arrived.

I'm hungry. I can taste the red onion.

It's a piece of piss this financial reporting lark. I mean, there's hardly any decent news these days. / Let's see what happens tomorrow. 'It was you who said there won't be tomorrow, Mikey!' No, that was Dennis Wilson, Voice. 'I know, I know. Christ!'

All right. Laters.