Monday, 10 December 2012

(What's the financial story) Monday morning glory?

Well, there is no financial story BECAUSE it's Monday morning and it's nearly Christmas and I'm not a fucking square, all right? / I'm a cool, super hip character, and it's only a matter of time before I start wearing sunglasses indoors - like Bono.
'Okay, Mikey, what's the musical story?'

Now you're talking, Voice! (You're always talking. It's all you're good for.) I wrote six lines of that lyric yesterday. / Man, I need another twelve. 'Tonight, after the pub?' Oh, maybe. Definitely - if I've had a few ciders. (I normally only have one, with me dinner.) Yes, I'll get it finished.

In Bed With Medinner. That was an awesome programme. (Later ripped off by Russell Brand.) When are they going to bring it back?

After I've finished the song there's going to be radio silence for a while as far as musical stories go. However, I should be able to put all three of my songs on this blog (on their own page) around mid-January. It's a part of my plan for approaching publishers. In the old days I would have sent a demo tape through the post. But we're living in the internet age now! Better make the most of it, eh?

The new strings on my guitar sound really beautiful. And I haven't even used the expensive nanoweb ones. 'Nanoweb?' Nanoweb coating or something, Voice, I don't know. But I'm saving them. I might get a new guitar. All depends. 'You need a keyboard, Mikey.' I know, I know.
'There must be some financial news!' Maybe there is, and maybe there ain't. The situation will only get worse. Remember last Christmas? 'I gave you my heart?' I mean the news. It was embarrassing. Financial journalists seem to lose all their discipline at this time of year. / My angel's got the right idea.