Tuesday, 26 March 2013

George R. Jarkesy Jr. worked closely with Thomas Belesis!

I'm shocked. 'So? What's wrong with that, Mikey?' I'll tell you what's wrong with it, Voice! No I won't. The SEC will. See if you can dig this -

An investigation by the SEC’s Enforcement Division found that George R. Jarkesy Jr., worked closely with Thomas Belesis to launch two hedge funds that raised $30 million from investors. Jarkesy and his firm John Thomas Capital Management (since renamed Patriot28 LLC) inflated valuations of the funds' assets, causing the value of investors' shares to be overstated and his management and incentive fees to be increased. Jarkesy, a frequent media commentator and radio talk show host, also lied to investors about the identity of the funds' auditor and prime broker. Meanwhile, although they shared the same "John Thomas" brand name, Jarkesy's firm and Belesis' firm John Thomas Financial were portrayed as wholly independent. Jarkesy led investors to believe that as manager of the funds, he was solely responsible for all investment decisions. However, Belesis sometimes supplanted Jarkesy as the decision maker and directed some investments from the hedge funds into a company in which his firm was heavily invested. Belesis also bullied Jarkesy into showering excessive fees on John Thomas Financial even in instances where the firm had done virtually nothing to earn them.

More, than is healthy. And -

"Nobody gets access to Tommy until they make us money!!!!!"
Who the hell is Tommy?! Er ... 'I was wondering that, man.' It's Thomas, I suppose. 'Yeah.' But why would anyone want access to him? 'It sounds perverse. Are you sure you want to get involved in this, Mikey?' I've started writing the post now. / I had no idea. I mean, I had a bad internet connection again this morning and this story was the only half-decent thing I could find. 'Now you're stuck with it. Unless you want to write about your music.'

And who is Anastasios?


Nothing's happening with my music.

I'll be playing my guitar later, obviously. I want another song, a commercial pop tune. Something to get excited about.

It's taking forever, but I ain't got forever.

Great songs are worth waiting for. I have two (I think). There's no point in writing run-of-the-mill songs. Not for a demo that you hope will get you a publishing deal.

It's frustrating though.

Maybe these music notes will seem like Rimbaud's letters from Africa one day. I fucking well hope not! He lost a leg and died without making his fortune.