Monday, 11 March 2013

God give me the strength to get away from finance!

O God, I beg you, set me free! / I'm sick of it. Seriously. I don't want to write about finance no more. Yes, I've made some nice friends, like Mike Corcell, Bobby D, Lloyd B, Viniar, etc. And I have some loyal readers who have stuck with me through everything. But it's really getting me down now. I have to do it though for reasons I can't go into. Not bad karma, no. Something else. / Jesus, I just want to write my songs and get free. I've done all the blog work, anyway. I mean, enough for posterity. / I'm really down today. I had a cold night, last night. And when I slept I had nightmares. And when I woke up, I had nothing to look forward to. Nothing! Imagine! It's draining all my energy, my spirit. There are a handful of characters, animals, phoneys, I absolutely loathe now. And that's not like me. Live and let live, you know? No, not any more. I've got this anger. / They just float around on the surface of what's happening in the world. They don't have any true emotions or original thoughts. They can't see the chaos and despair of reality. Their minds haven't been disturbed. Their souls haven't been touched. Do they even have souls?

And the rest ... can just be broken words (maybe, if I like) like d og or r at at r at or mon key or wo rm be cause bro ken words make more sen se than the s mug bullshit the others are offering you, yeah you, oh it's you. / It's you they want to destroy. I'm indestructible. So it's you they're after. I've been trying to save you. I reveal everything. They can't hide from me. And it's for you, all for you.

I take their stories and piss on them. Then I feed them piss-soaked stories. They hate that.

They can't tell the truth. They don't know the truth. I am a master of reality. I know everything.

I know their lies. The lies they tell themselves are the worst. They believe in shit and death.

They are shit and death.