Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Neil Woodford wants to burn someone's feet

I don't know what he's going on about, I really don't. Neil's taking this financial shamanism WAY too far. I mean, I've never said that we should burn people's feet. When did I say that?! 'He's crazy, man!' Apparently, he wants to invest in various companies and then burst into their boardrooms and start holding the board's feet to the fire. 'Christ!' / I do believe the poor man has lost his mind.

Neil needs a rest from Invesco Perpetual and the fund nonsense. Even the best of us (me) have to get away from it all sometimes. 'Mikey, do you think Mr Woodford is any good on keyboards?' I don't know, Voice. Are you suggesting that he gets out of finance altogether? 'Yes. He should become a rock and roll star, like you.' Oh, I'm a long way from rock stardom yet, man. I haven't even got the time to play my guitar. Three hours a day? I wish! And no energy neither. I'm worn out, Voice. I can't even play for fifteen minutes. 'Don't get depressed. Think of that Krishna guy. He was nearly seventy when he started with the massive action. He only slept one hour a night.' Ha! I need six hours a night. I haven't got some little blue god on my side. 'You don't need a little blue god! Get a grip, Mikey!' / I'll try to get a grip.

I might have to write another song. / Gilly Marie sounds good, but I'm not sure it's impressive enough as a piece of writing. If I had THREE GREAT SONGS ... now, that would blow people away. And I could write my own ticket then. 'All this writing. You could float your own boat, too.' What?! / Louie, Louie though has been recorded around two thousand times. The second most recorded song ever. (Yesterday is in first place.) And it's a classic, but not a great song. Or maybe it is. It's so confusing! Maybe I should stop analysing this shit and just enjoy myself a bit more.