Thursday, 28 March 2013

Michael Matthews is mixed up in this Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond fund

Absolutely unbelievable! I mean, the Corporate Bond fund already has two managers. Why does it need three? 'Who are the other two, Mikey?' Paul Causer and Paul Read. 'And what's their problem? Are they incompetent or something?' I have no idea, Voice. See if you can dig this: The Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond fund aims to achieve a high level of overall return, with relative security of capital. It intends to invest primarily in fixed interest securities. 'Yeah, I can dig that, man. But why aren't Causer and Read up to the job?' I don't know, for Christ's sake! 'Well, do you have any friends at Invesco Perpetual?' Only Neil Woodford, really. 'Can't you speak to him, find out what's going on?' No. 'Why not?' He's still upset. 'About what?' I wrote in a post that he wanted to burn people's feet. 'Of course. I remember. But he did want to do that!' I know. He's sensitive, Voice. He doesn't want people thinking he's a weirdo. 'Too late now.' Yeah.

Oh, Paul Causer says he's delighted. Jesus! I'm sick of hearing how delighted everyone is. Just once it would be nice if someone came out and said: "I'm disgusted. This shouldn't be happening". / Never mind. I'm not going to interfere. I can't actually interfere while things are a bit funny with Neil. / If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I was Neil's Master out in the desert - in the old days before I was even writing this blog. Where does the time go?


I'm listening to Bowie's live Stage album from his 1978 world tour. The Ziggy songs sound good. / I had some trousers like that. Black ones though, not white.