Monday, 18 March 2013

The European Union is absolutely mental

Nuts, ain't it? 'Tell us something we don't know, Mikey.' And Cyprus, of course. The government, I mean. / Imagine a government just going through people's bank accounts and helping itself. 'Crazy!' It's like me going up to John Paulson and taking his wallet out of his pocket and saying: "Oh, I need a pair of shoes. You don't mind, do you, John? Actually, I was thinking of going on holiday to Cornwall, so I'll take $2,000. No, let's make it $3,000. And I might come back later, John, because I need a new sofa." What would Mr Paulson make of that, Voice? 'He would think you had lost your fucking mind, man.' Fuckin' A he would!

NO! NO! NO! It's worse than that! 'Eh?' Paulson is a billionaire, man. He wouldn't miss $3,000, would he? The Cypriot government is taking money from the bank accounts of ordinary people. It's taking people's savings. 'And they've already paid tax on their earnings, Mikey.' I know they have. THIS IS INSANE!!!

The funny thing is: there are some sick, commie writers around who think you shouldn't invest in gold. They have faith in the banks, you see, and in cash. NO! 'NO!' NO! Put all your money into gold! 'And baked beans!' Yes, and baked beans. 'And guns!' Maybe, Voice, maybe. 'The end is nigh! This is what we've been waiting for. Give the order, Master! The children are ready!' No ... not yet. I'm not ready. 'Will you ever be ready - for the revolution?! What are you scared of?' Be quiet, Voice. Silence!


Ignore him, dear reader. He can be a bit of a hothead. Well, a hotvoice. He doesn't have a head.

I'm listening to David Bowie's Live in Santa Monica '72. It's much better than the three live albums he released in the Seventies.

When I was in the sixth form at school, kids in the lower years used to shout: "There’s David Bowie!" Because of the way I dressed. And the make-up. Also, there was my regular playing of The Jean Genie on the school piano. And Life on Mars? Happy days!